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The School of Communication is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the seminal 1963 exhibition ‘GraphicsRCA’ with a series of events leading up to a major exhibition in October 2014 of work by RCA alumni, and highlighting its impact on shaping communication and visual expression in graphic design over the past half century. The first public event in this series is ‘Mapping Futures: Graphic Design Education and the Profession’ is starting the process of examining Graphic Design as a discipline, reaffirming its principles, its status and relevance in contemporary practice.

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I’m a curious, energetic and optimistic visual communicator based in London and Beijing. I am focusing on branding, typography and environmental design. I have a wide range of skills that include editing, motion graphics, sound, web and digital design, and I am currently learning programming. I am fascinated by new technologies and how they influence the way people communicate. How the audience feels and experiences the design is the question that I keep asking myself in my practice.


2013 – 2015 Royal College of Art (MA), Visual Communication
2009 – 2013 China Central Academy of Fine Arts (BA),Advertising and Commercial Design


April – June, 2014

Praline, London
(Branding design)

2012 – 2014

Freelance Designer
Branding design, graphic design, web design, UI design)

November – December, 2011

Gravity Media, Beijing 
Graphic Designer
(Album design, graphic design, typeface design, stage visuals, music video
Stage visuals for 2011-2012 Hunan TV New Year's Eve Concert)



May, 2014 Mapping post-digital futures, Royal College of Art
May, 2013 Final Show, China Central Academy of Fine Arts